Frequently Asked Questions

Through our process “The Essential Experience” we encircle the needs of our clients, create and maintain efficiency, and simplify lives. While others speak of partnership, we believe that it is essential to your experience. Our personal investment philosophy strives for effective risk management. To do this, we leverage: comprehensive planning, strategy, and tactical portfolio design which uses both traditional and non-traditional asset classes.

We believe that the best relationships are ones based on honesty and without pretense. We welcome questions as a path to clarity and understanding. After all, working together we can achieve more. Working for our clients and promoting their success is our passion.

Our personal Investment Philosophy is to strive for effective risk management through comprehensive planning and strategic and tactical portfolio design – using traditional and non-traditional asset classes.

We understand that while certain investments may work well “in the long run” not all investments or time horizons are meant to be long term.

Rather than attempting to pool all accounts into a “one size fits all” approach, often blending and segmenting strategies may provide greater clarity and confidence.

We manage wealth through a process entitled “The Essential Experience”, in which we encircle the needs of our clients, create and maintain efficiencies and simplify their lives. While others may talk about partnership, we believe that it is essential that you experience it!

Our professional fee structure is relationship and value based. Before any fee structure can be stated it is important to have a full discovery meeting and review of your needs. Typically clients with less than 2MM are aggregated below the industry standard. Still, every client’s needs and desires differ accordingly and special family requests are taken into consideration.

Our goal is simple:
Delight the families we serve by providing outstanding service and value.

Typically our clients are “family oriented professional delegators”. These family oriented executives and professionals know the value of managing their affairs and are now proactively seeking the professional advice and attention to service we provide.

Client contact is very important to us. However every client has different needs and preferences. We will tailor your communication to your style – your way!

In addition to various investment and insurance licenses Paul Ellis holds certification as a Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) designation which belongs to an elite few in the investment profession. Awarded by the Investment Management Consultants Association, it represents a high level of credibility, integrity, and most importantly, knowledge. CIMA designees must succeed in a rigorous academic program offered only through the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and maintain their credentials through extensive continuing education.

CPAs, Attorney’s, Health Professionals and Trusted family members are important to decision making and are part of a healthy and functioning family governance . We are pleased to work with our clients trusted advisors.

Yes! While companies very in size and complexity we provide advisory services to many firms.

Areas of service include:

  • Partners
  • Key Personnel
  • Corporate Assets
  • Retirement Plans ie. 401(k), 457, d and
  • Employees
  • Needs and scope vary

A confidential discovery discussion is available. Please call or email today to schedule an appointment!

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